Sunday, February 8, 2009

Introducing Project Gutenberg and other thoughts

What does Project Gutenberg mean to you? To some, it rings a bell. To many, it means nothing at all.

Recently, I was speaking about social networks. A young person, whom I teach, didn't know what they meant.

What's happening?

There's no point berating people. There's no point castigating them. There's no point criticizing them for something that they don't know. It is important, however, to understand that a number of things, which we take for granted, aren't really given. Some of those things could be pretty tough for a large number of educated people with normal intelligence quotients.

What's happening, really?

Think about it.

We are now in an age of 'information overdose'. This is similar to overdose of caffeine, milk, anything in life. This overdose has created a situation where a large number of people are simply unable to catch up with what's happening in the technological sphere in their lives.

Think about it. Write about it here. Let us share some thoughts.