Friday, February 13, 2009

How to get into Harvard Business School?

This is going to be very interesting. At an online discussion forum for working professionals, a colleague (from the US) asked a question about his/her 10-year old son who wants to get into Harvard and how he could get there. The question was directed at people who have attended Harvard. Now, I was quite impressed with the question and the child. So, even though I have never been to Harvard and I am not even a management professional and even though I might be seen as a perfect ignoramus, I decided to take the risk and stake my insignificant reputation.

About eight to ten people replied and some of them included very reputed and senior professionals. Yours truly, 'Roomy Naqvy', too replied.

My reply was (I'm going to summarize it here):

I have never been at Harvard but one does read a lot about how to get into top notch business schools. One not only needs good grades but one should also display some kind of business/entrepreneurial or management experience. So, running a burger stand might help.

[I also referred to Warren Buffett, the world's greatest investor and a source of immense motivation to me in my life]

Warren Buffett used to throw two newspapers in the morning while at school and by the time, he was 16 yrs old, he had already accumulated $6000 of his own money. He also bought a used Mercedes car and rented it out on a profit.

The interesting thing here is that the asker of the question found my answer to be the best one. :):)

This is, in fact, true. If you go to the world's best business schools, they look for a lot other qualities than grades. Everyone can get good grades. They mean nothing. However, everyone cannot get good business or managerial experience.