Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Poll on Linkedin About Twitter

I have just created a poll on Linkedin about business generated through Twitter. It is online at

UK Schools to Teach Twitter and Blogging

There is a very fascinating bit that I caught in a PR email list. This is from the Guardian, UK. The Guardian has reliably learned that British primary schools are going to train students in twitter, blogging and other forms of new media and that there would be reduced focus on Victorian literature and other traditional areas. I believe this is a great step. I am sure purists would be very angry.

Here is the link to the news item:

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Notes on the PhD Degree

I hold something known as M.Phil. degree; it is a two-year degree one attains after an MA. I don't hold a PhD degree. However, I read a very interesting piece on the Purdue University website which makes out a great case for completing a PhD degree if one would like to pursue an academic career. Here is the link:

I am sure in a future post, I would also tell you about the worthless PhD degrees that I have seen proliferating in Indian academia disguised as 'scholarship'.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Great Resources on Twitter

I have managed to collect 419 websites on Twitter. They include blogs and articles. 95% of the material is quite informative. A large number of the articles are blog posts. However, one should take blog posts seriously. There are some very interesting links in this collection. One is a website of the National Council for Teacher Education, USA, which has a blog and where there are quite a few articles on how Twitter could be used to teach English to students. I also found an academic who had written a nice paper on it. There was a proposal for an MLA (Modern Language Association) Annual Convention Panel on Twitter. I am tempted to write a book on the subject.

Let us wait and watch. I might come up with something really substantial.