Saturday, August 16, 2008

Actual Curriculum

Let us look at the model curriculum discussed in the earlier post:

certain compositional skills in English required in various professions and activities in
India, e.g., letter-writing, précis or summary-writing, paragraph composition. This may extend to more specialized skills such as report-writing, copy-editing, copywriting,scriptwriting, translation etc.

It would really be an eye-opener if one collected the various General / Compulsory English curricula that are being taught at various places in India and checked how many of them had 'report-writing', 'copy-editing', 'copywriting', 'scriptwriting' and 'translation'. By and large, these items seem to be missing from the curricula which have been implemented at different places. Right now, we haven't even discussed the ways in which these curricula are being implemented at various places in these institutions of higher education.